Diabetes comes in two main types and each one requires different treatment. People with type 1 diabetes need to regularly inject themselves with a hormone that balances blood sugar. This variety may develop at any age but normally it first appears in people under the age of 40, and especially in children. About 90% of people with diabetes have the Type 2 version. In this case, their bodies produce the necessary hormone naturally but not enough, or the hormone does not work effectively. Their treatment involves tight control of diet and exercise. In the past Type 2 diabetes was predominantly found in people over 40 but this is changing.

Hormone Injections with a Syringe

People with type 1 diabetes must ensure their bodies have sufficient levels of an essential hormone, to prevent potentially dangerous quantities of glucose accumulating in the bloodstream. Serious and potentially life-threatening situations develop if the body is deprived of this hormone, so it is crucially important to administer doses at the times and frequency the doctor recommends. For many years sufferers have had to regularly inject themselves with a syringe, but they know that the unpleasantness and occasional pain is far preferable to the damage not doing so can cause.

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Injections with a Pen or Pump

Developments in diabetic treatment technologies now offer Type 1 diabetes patients a welcome alternative to insulin injections with a syringe – the insulin pen and the insulin pump. The pen looks like a marker and comes with its own cartridge so there is no need to draw up insulin from a bottle into a syringe. The pump is a more sophisticated device that looks like a miniature computer. It delivers insulin through a tube attached to the person w a sticky patch. Many diabetics welcome the freedom from injections it offers and the way it helps maintain safe blood-sugar levels overnight.

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Special Kinds of Hormones

Not so long ago people with diabetics had only a single type of insulin available. Recent medical developments have widened the choice of insulin products in ways that make it easier to keep blood sugar levels under effective control. For example, a type of insulin can make it possible to maintain the right blood sugar level for 24 hours. Fast-acting insulins are another welcome addition to the diabetics’ treatment armory. In contrast with the traditional insulin, these new types work almost immediately and are effective for about four hours.

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Regular Blood Sugar Level Monitoring

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is an essential element of any diabetes treatment plan. A doctor determines how often someone needs to make these checks. Patients need to prick their finger and test the blood sample with a monitor. Only their doctor can tell them the levels they should aim to maintain and how these change before and after mealtime. The recent appearance of blood sugar patches on the market offers people with diabetics, especially children, a much easier way to monitor their blood sugar. There is no longer a need to prick the finger because the patches read blood sugar levels beneath the skin.

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Controlling Diet

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics need to keep a careful watch on their diet. This is also something people on the edge of developing Type 2 diabetics should make sure to do. They need to consult with a dietician about which foods to avoid and those they should definitely include in their meal plans. For example, soft sugary drinks are one of the best-known items they need to cut out. Scientific research shows that there is a direct link between soft drink consumption and the development of Type 2 diabetics.

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Taking Health Foods

The widespread interest in health foods in the general community has also penetrated into the field of diabetes treatment. An online search turns up instantly all kinds of natural foods that are supposed to help keep diabetes under control. Broccoli and blueberries are two of the most popular food choices that can help achieve better blood sugar control. One of the more unusual foods suggested is dark chocolate, but studies show it really can help insulin work better. Health food fanatics also recommend many unfamiliar kinds of herbs and spices but in many cases there is no reliable evidence that they really do help.

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Oral Medicines

Researchers have still got to find a medicine that cures diabetes but various kinds of pills prove very helpful in keeping it under control. These medications operate in different ways. Some cause the body to product more insulin while others improve sensitivity to insulin. There are also pills to slow down the rate at which the body absorbs carbohydrates. Quite often patients might start with one medicine and if it doesn’t work effectively the doctor prescribes an alternative. Because of the number of medicine types and variations in patient conditions only a qualified doctor can prescribe the best medicine course.

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Along with diet and medications exercise has a vital part to play in controlling diabetes and helping people avoid this disease. Everyone knows that sufficient exercise is important to maintain general bodily health but the way it lowers blood sugar is especially valuable to diabetics. Walking and swimming are excellent exercise choices but diabetics need to take a few precautions before starting to exercise. They must measure their blood sugar levels before and afterward and remember to drink plenty of water.

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Keep Down Weight

Weight watching is good for everyone but it is particularly crucial for someone with a diabetic condition. Strict adherence to a diet and exercise plan helps guard against heart and other serious health complications that easily develop from this condition. Researchers have proven that losing weight helps people keep Type 2 diabetics symptoms under control, and avoid, or at least postpone the need to take medications. Obese people also face much higher risks of developing Type 2 diabetics than those with regular body weights.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Some experts claim that gastric bypass surgery offers an effective treatment that can reverse Type 2 diabetics in many obese patients. It can reduce their need to take medications or might even eliminate the need altogether. However, in addition to undergoing the surgery, to gain the maximum health benefits patients must follow a low-calorie diet and take regular exercise.

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