Diabetes is an entirely manageable condition, and with the right habits and correct guidance from your doctor, managing it will become second nature. Healthy lifestyle choices can make a world of difference in the treatment of diabetes. In this article, we go over the top 10 tips you should keep in mind to help manage diabetes.


1. Rotate Injection Spot

One of the most practical tips for living with diabetes is changing or rotating your injection spot. This way, you avoid scar tissue building up, which can be an inconvenience and aesthetically unpleasant. Moreover, by choosing the right place to inject yourself, you can increase the speed of hormone absorption. Unsuitable injection areas, on the contrary, can slow down absorption. Another benefit of rotating your injection spot is pain tolerance; you may find that some places are less painful than others. Of course, you should consult your doctor before attempting to modify your injection routine, just to be sure.

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