The rectum, the lower part of the large intestine, serves as temporary storage for feces—leftover solid waste from digestion. Upstream of the anus, this section retains stool until the body is ready to have a bowel movement. Unfortunately, issues with the rectum are relatively common; this region can develop ulcers, hemorrhoids—even cancer. Proctitis is an inflammatory condition which, in addition to a great deal of pain, can cause a variety of symptoms depending on the underlying cause. Uncomfortable as it is, however, the condition is treatable.


1. What is Proctitis?

This condition develops when the lining of the rectum—a muscular tube that connects to the end of the colon—grows inflamed. Often, the condition also affects the opening of the anus. While some cases last only a few weeks (acute), others last several months, or longer (chronic).

chronic Proctitis

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