Breast cancer is a disease of the breast tissue resulting from an overgrowth of cells. This abnormal growth often leads to the development of a cancerous tumor. Untreated, breast cancer can spread to nearby lymph nodes and tissues and, ultimately, throughout the body. Breast cancer carries a good prognosis if it is caught before it metastasizes or spreads. Early detection is key, and awareness of warning signs and symptoms can make the difference between a positive prognosis and a long battle.


1. Lump or Mass in the Breast

Often, the first sign of breast cancer is a new lump in the breast. Malignant or cancerous lumps are typically hard, immovable, and irregularly shaped. Lumps are not uncommon in healthy breast tissue. Regular mammograms, physicals, self-exams are important in detecting and monitoring harmless lumps. A lump of any kind, however, should be examined by a doctor, particularly a newly developed lump.

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