After you have been diagnosed with liver cancer, several variables play a role in choosing the best treatment option. You and your doctor will discuss how much of your liver is affected and if the cancer has already spread to other areas of the body. Your overall health and medical preferences will also be a factor when picking a regime. The following are ten treatments for liver cancer.


1. Hepatectomy Surgery

Surgery can be performed to remove the cancerous tumor and some healthy tissue that surrounds the area. The success rate of hepatectomy surgery is very high, especially for patients who have a tumor in the early stages. If the growth is smaller than five centimeters, the operation proves to be beneficial because the cancerous portion of the liver is removed. In order to be a good candidate for this operation, the rest of your liver must be healthy, as it will take on the entire function of the organ after removal of the cancerous portion. In some cases, surgery may not be an option. Liver cancer that has spread to other organs requires further treatment. Your surgical oncologist will discuss different surgery options based on your health status and preferences.


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