Oral or mouth cancer refers to cancer that appears anywhere within the oral cavity, including the tongue, gums, lips, lining of the cheek, under the tongue, and the roof of the mouth. It is often grouped with other head and neck cancers and treated in the same way. There are no routine screenings for oral cancer, though malignant tumors may be found early by a doctor or dentist or during a self-exam. A lot of oral cancers do not have any signs or symptoms until they spread to other parts of the body or grow to a significant size.


1. A Sore That Doesn't Heal

Ulcers and other sores that do not heal are the most common sign of oral cancer. They are also often ignored, especially if a person is prone to ulcers or canker sores. That said, if an ulcer or sore does not heal without two weeks, it is worth getting it looked at by a doctor. Treatment of oral cancer is generally very effective as long as it is caught early.

Mouth Sore Ulcer John Sommer / Getty Images

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