An aggressive form of cancer, neuroblastoma develops while the fetus is still growing. The baby's nerves become cancerous and release some hormonal symptoms. However, because neuroblastoma is unique, different children suffer from a variety of symptoms. In some cases, cancerous cells grow slowly. In others, it divides and spreads quickly. Few patients overcome it. Children under the age of ten diagnosed with cancer often have some of the following symptoms of neuroblastoma. It is one of the primary tumors found in children younger than five. It also accounts for over 50 percent of cancer patients less than 12 months of age.


1. Persistent Bone Pain

Neuroblastoma often causes bone pain after the disease has metastasized to the bones. Children might even limp or fall because of the underlying pain. If the cancerous cells spread to the spinal cord, children suffer from numbness in both their legs and arms, which can eventually lead to complete paralysis. Neuroblastoma causes pain behind the eyes, too, particularly if it has traveled to that part of the body. The eyes may even bulge. If it's present in the head, the child may have palpable lumps on the skull.

pains symptoms of neuroblastoma

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