A colonoscopy is a procedure wherein a doctor passes a soft, elastic tube inside your colon. This tube has a camera at the end of it so the doctor can see what's inside. This is an important procedure as it helps determine if there are any problems with the colon. When you are planning to have a colonoscopy, you will have to start preparing for it. First, you need to consult with a doctor. Your doctor is the best person to ask about colonoscopy. If anything is unclear to you, speak to your doctor about it. When you are to have a colonoscopy, you need to make a few changes in your diet. Days before the procedure, you have to avoid certain foods and beverages.

Avoid these foods

When you're planning to have a colonoscopy, there are certain foods you need to avoid. These foods might affect the whole process. As much as possible, stop eating these foods when you're preparing for such a procedure. After your procedure, you can start eating these foods again. Such foods to avoid are raw fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. Also stay away from mushroom, corn, beans, and legumes. In the meantime, steer clear of red meat too. Avoid these foods especially when your colonoscopy schedule is only a few days away.

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Avoid these liquids

Aside from food, there are also some liquids that you must avoid. You should continue to drink fluids before the procedure to keep your body dehydrated. Of course, the best fluid to drink is water. It's colorless and highly beneficial to your health. As your colonoscopy day approaches, stay away from milk. Also, avoid other beverages which are milk-based. Also avoid drinking beverages which are color red, orange, purple, and blue. Alcoholic drinks are a big no-no too. They won't really affect the procedure but these drinks will dehydrate you quickly.

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Consume these foods and drinks when preparing for a colonoscopy

Now that you know what to avoid, it's also helpful to learn which foods to eat. When you're preparing for a colonoscopy, the foods you eat will have an effect on the procedure. Usually, you'll have to consume foods which are easy to digest. That way, when it's time to start purging, you won't have much difficulty. If you really want to eat your fruits and vegetables, go for the canned variety. Tofu is also a great choice for when you're preparing to have a colonoscopy done. Although not very healthy, you can choose refined grain products over whole ones. Other excellent food choices are applesauce, lean meat, and smooth nut butter. While choosing beverages, only consume the clear ones. Like we said earlier, water is an excellent choice. You can also drink sodas or sports drink as long as they're light in color. You can even have coconut water and clear broth.

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Food to eat before the colonoscopy

Right before the procedure, you would have to eat certain foods. If you want to be sure, you can ask your doctor which foods are the best. You need to start modifying your diet 3-4 days before the procedure. Do this so your body will be totally free of hard-to-digest foods. An excellent choice for meat would be chicken. Just make sure it's boiled and you don't eat any of the skin. In the days prior to your colonoscopy, you can also eat white fish, white bread, and eggs. Skinless potatoes and eggs are great choices too.

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Light and low-fiber foods are best

Days before your procedure, make sure you consume light and low-fiber foods. These kinds of foods are easy to digest. So when the day of your colonoscopy comes, you won’t face difficulty. Steamed fish is a great option, as well as steamed chicken. Just omit the skin when consuming these light meats. If you can't stay away from fruits and vegetables, limit the portions. Continue choosing these kinds of foods until your colonoscopy is only a day away.

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Food to eat on the day before the colonoscopy

When you've started to tweak your diet, keep at it until the day before you have your colonoscopy. On the day before the procedure, you need to modify your diet again. Change your diet to help you prepare your body for the purging process. In this process, you'll have to take a laxative or a solution to empty your bowels. This is where drinking lots of fluids becomes vital.

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Drink clear liquids

On the day before your colonoscopy, you have to switch to a clear-liquid diet. Any food and drinks in this diet should meet certain criteria. At room temperature, they must be in liquid form. Also, when you hold them up to a light, the light should be able to pass through. You don't have to starve yourself on this diet. The important thing is to make it easier for you to purge before the procedure. Some foods you can consume at this time include plain gelatin, a broth that's fat-free, honey, and ice pops. You have more choices when it comes to beverages. Apart from water, you can drink plain coffee and tea. You can also drink light colored juices with no pulp as well as clear soft drinks and sports drinks.

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What to eat on the day of the colonoscopy

On the day of your colonoscopy, you should not eat anything. A few hours before the procedure, you should not drink anything either. You need to do this to ensure that your colon remains clear for the examination. Your doctor will only be able to do a proper examination when your bowels are empty and clear. As soon as you're done with the procedure, your doctor will tell you how to go back to your usual diet. Usually, during such a procedure, your doctor will give you sedation medication. Because of this, your doctor may advise you to start with soft foods or liquids. These are better choices instead of solid food. Listen to your doctor so you don't end up vomiting because of the effects of the medication.

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Your diet after the colonoscopy

After your colonoscopy, your doctor will give you an advice depending on how well it went. If your doctor didn't find anything, then you may be able to start eating normally after a few hours. If there are any findings, then your doctor will inform you of what you need to do. During the procedure, air accumulates in your intestines. Because of this, you may experience gas or bloating after. This can have an effect on your appetite too. If the doctor found anything out of the ordinary, you may need to continue with the clear liquid diet. Do this until you can proceed with further tests.

Colonoscopy diets


The basic colonoscopy diet

When it comes to a colonoscopy diet, the best person to ask is your doctor. He can provide you with specific information about foods and beverages. Your doctor also may help you cope with the diet change, at least for when you're preparing for the procedure. The basic colonoscopy diet, however, is the clear liquid diet. This is effective because it primes your colon for the examination. Consuming clear foods and beverages will help make your examination more successful. You don't have to change your diet permanently, just for the days prior to the examination.



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