Bronchitis is a condition that causes inflammation of an individual’s bronchial tubes. These tubes transport air to and from the lungs. Sometimes a cold or infection can trigger a bout of bronchitis. Some people have conditions that lead to the development of chronic bronchitis. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics for bronchitis. People who have chronic bronchitis, however, typically require ongoing treatment for their condition. This can involve antibiotics or other medications. These individuals may also other types of therapy to alleviate their symptoms.


1. Choose a Healthcare Provider

If you are diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, you should obtain a referral to a doctor who specializes in pulmonary conditions. Although many family care doctors or general practitioners can treat patients with chronic bronchitis, you might be in need of a specialist's care. Managing this condition effectively is important because untreated bronchitis can lead to the development of pneumonia.


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