Some people pop pimples for immediate relief. Others consider zit popping an enjoyable and rewarding activity. Regardless of the reasoning, almost everyone develops pimples, and almost everyone feels the desire to pop zits at some point. Many people believe that popping pimples will make the blemish less noticeable and help them heal more quickly. Popping pimples is not always a good idea and can have serious side effects, yet dermatologists offer procedures involving pimple popping.


1. How Pimples Form

Many people believe only teenagers or those with poor hygiene can develop pimples. This is a myth, as everyone can get a pimple. The idea that greasy foods play a role in the formation of pimples is also false. Pimples develop when dead skin and bacteria collect and clog a pore. The skin becomes inflamed and sensitive, and pus fills the tip. Some individuals mistake blackheads and whiteheads for pimples. Whiteheads look similar to small pimples, but without the red inflammation. Blackheads are pores with plugs of keratin clogging them, but they do not have inflammation or pus.

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