Miliaria - also known as heat rash - refers to a group of skin ailments that are the result of a blockage of the sweat glands due to heat exposure and overheating. Most often, malaria is caused by exposure to hot and humid environments that lead to profuse sweating. Patients will observe rashes in the affected areas, as well as itching and blistering. Even though miliaria isn’t life-threatening, it’s a good idea to have any rash checked out by your doctor. Find out the symptoms and treatments for miliaria.  


1. Papules

The most recognizable malaria symptom is papules, which are small red rashes that appear on the skin. They are often itchy and cause irritating. You may feel tempted to scratch your skin, but this will worsen symptoms. Even though papules can appear anywhere on the body, they mostly appear on the chest, elbows, and under the scrotum. It’s also possible to have papules in multiple areas of the body. If you wear tight-fitting clothes, you are more likely to develop papules; likewise, it’s important to air out covered parts of the body every once in a while as to ensure that the pores of the skin stay free of sweat.


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