Strawberry legs is a common term for small dark spots or tiny pits on the legs that resemble strawberry seeds. The dark spots are clogged pores or open comedones -- semisolid plugs of oil, dirt, dead skin cells, or bacteria. The dark color occurs when the substances in the plug react with air and skin pigments such as melanin. Ingrown hairs may also cause strawberry legs, especially on people with thick or curly hair. Shaving is the most common cause of this skin condition. Managing strawberry legs is usually fairly straightforward, involving changes to skincare and grooming routines.


1. Causes of Strawberry Legs: Razor Burn

Shaving with old, dull razors often leads to razor burn. Dull blades drag against skin, causing irritation and catching hairs that snap back into pores. Old or soiled razors can carry microorganisms that get forced into pores. Insufficient lubrication from soap or shaving cream is also a factor. Razor burn usually looks like a rash or acne.

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