Have you ever had a small lump beneath your skin? Maybe you weren’t sure if it was an ingrown hair, pimple, or something more serious. Naturally, you might try to pop or squeeze it, but is that a good idea? Sebaceous cysts are little bumps that develop under your skin, usually by hairy places. They are noncancerous and generally harmless. In some cases, an infection or rupture might lead to medical care.


1. Symptom: Fluid-Filled Bump

If you have a lump under your skin that appears to be full of fluids, you might have a sebaceous cyst. The skin condition is characterized by a bump that arises from the sebaceous gland, which secretes oily lubrication for the hair and skin. Although several other conditions such as epidermoid or pilar cysts are confused for sebaceous cysts, they are not the same because they do not originate from the sebaceous glands.

diagram Sebaceous cysts

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