Burns are never pleasant. They can happen at any time, even while cooking in the kitchen. Burns are an unfortunate part of life, so it is important to know how to treat them. The type of medical burn treatment you receive depends on the type of burn you have. Burn severity ranges from first degree to third degree. The higher the degree, the more medical attention one requires. Some burns require only home treatment, while others call for medical intervention.


1. Cool Water

Cool water is the first and foremost at-home treatment for burns. This method is for first-degree burns, which occur when you accidentally touch a hot pan when you are getting it out of the stove, for instance. First-degree burns only affect the top layer of skin and do not cause much (if any) blistering or lasting effects. Cool water from the sink is often enough to ease the sting, although you should never use ice, as this tends to make the damage worse in the end.

water burn treatments

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