Do you have trouble breathing? Respiratory problems can range from a barking cough from a cold to lung cancer. Speaking of lungs, do you ever feel like you are breathing with just one? Maybe you are. Pneumothorax is a condition that occurs when air gets between a lung and the chest wall. This causes pressure on the lung, which can force it to give way, or at least partially. The result is a collapsed lung. Since the lung cannot expand fully, you have trouble breathing. In mild cases, you might not notice any difference inhaling. However, you should pay attention to the symptoms in case it is something more serious. You should always consult with a medical provider if you are having problems breathing. Keep reading to learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for pneumothorax.


1. Causes

This breathing condition usually occurs because of an injury. However, lung disease may be the underlying cause of pneumothorax in some cases. Spontaneous pneumothorax develops on its own when no disease or injury is present. While a small spontaneous pneumothorax may be treated without medical attention, one caused by injury or lung disease requires treatment.


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