An acute pain in the nether region that can affect both men and women is called as pelvic pain. This baffling pain can deter a person from wearing tight pants or having sexual intercourse. Around 15% of American women in the age group of 18-50 are affected by this syndrome, the most of whom are not even diagnosed, as the cause is often obscure.

Chronic urogential pain is quite difficult to diagnose as the distress can be a sign of a lot of health issues. Nonetheless, knowing the common causes of pelvic pain – like endometriosis – can help your doctor pinpoint the exact cause in the initial stages.

Also called as pelvic vein incompetence, pelvic congestion is a medical problem wherein the veins surrounding the ovarian walls get stretched beyond the normal dimensions. The presence of estrogen can cause the weakening of the walls, thereby predisposing a woman to PCS. This condition can result in a stinging pain near the lower abdomen region, often noticeable as a constant dull pain, usually intensified by standing. The pain is often accompanied by painful blood pooling as well as chronic pelvic pressure. If detected early, the pain can be treated by alternate therapies like acupuncture. So, if you are feeling weighed down in the pelvic floor, one of the reasons can be pelvic congestion syndrome.

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