Some people avoid going to the dentist at all cost and we can understand why; it’s not a particularly pleasant experience to have your mouth wide open and someone probing around it with scary instruments. And God forbid you actually have a cavity or some other oral condition, the numerous painful procedures you may have to go through are certainly frightening. However, there you need to understand that regular dental check-ups are a must. This is because poor oral health will not just lead to cavities and gum disease; it can cause other systemic conditions that you would never have thought possible. Here’s a list of health problems associated with bad dental care.


1. Increased Risk of Diabetes

Oral care and blood sugar levels share a strange relationship. According to a research by the Daily Mail, UK, people with missing teeth are at 11% higher risk of developing diabetes. Having lesser teeth is known to produce circumstances that cause inflammation in the bloodstream, which further disrupts blood sugar levels, making you vulnerable to diabetes. On the other hand, individuals with diabetes are at higher risk of having gum disease and cavities. Lose-lose situation, isn’t it?


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