The kidneys perform a vital waste filtering function. Their role is so essential that kidney failure becomes a common cause of death. Nephritis describes an inflammation of the kidneys. Doctors divide this condition into several types since the explanations of how it develops vary in each case. Modern medical treatments help with all kinds of nephritis, but it is essential to identify the problem early and start treatment. In the absence of early problem identification, the lack of treatment can lead to kidney failure, and the patient might have to receive kidney dialysis for the remainder of their life.


1. What is interstitial nephritis?

An allergic reaction to medicine can set off this acute form of nephritis. Doctors take great care when they prescribe antibiotics, or other medications, to make sure the patient will not have an adverse reaction, but sometimes it is impossible to know for certain, or they make an error. This kind of nephritis occurs because the body reacts to the medicine as though it is under attack from a harmful substance. This self-damaging response leads to kidney inflammation. An excess of potassium in the bloodstream is another possible cause.


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