Your kidneys are one of the most important organs in your body. Kidneys get rid of the toxins and waste present in the blood. The kidneys filter your blood and keep it clean. For this reason, you should take a kidney infection very seriously. Many circumstances put you at risk of developing a kidney infection. Keep in mind that you'll need to see your doctor if you suspect that you've got a kidney infection. You shouldn't try to treat yourself with advice found on the web. An internet search isn't the same thing as a medical degree. However, there are a few useful home remedies for kidney infections you can try while following your doctor's advice.

Drink Water

Sounds like common sense, right? Many people believe that the water in soda or juice replaces the need to drink water, but it doesn't. The additives in soda and juice ask your body to work to process the ingredients in your beverage. The body doesn't have to work as hard to move water throughout your body and even helps systems function properly. Drinking the right amount of water each day helps flush the toxins out of your body. Water consumption is even more critical if you have a kidney infection because it helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. There are four different types of kidney stones. Generally, these stones develop due to high levels of crystal-forming substances that the body struggles to dilute and excrete via urine. However, when you stay hydrated, you keep those minerals diluted, which prevents the formation of stones in your kidney.

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Drink Cranberry Juice

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts performed a 2010 study found that cranberry juice can help in the management of urinary tract infections. Most commonly, kidney infections begin as a urinary tract infection. Pure cranberry juice can cause some beneficial changes in the E.coli bacteria which are the primary bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and kidney infections. E. coli naturally resides in the bowel. However, when bacteria transfer to the urethra that's when the problems begin. The natural changes cranberry juice makes to the E.coli bacteria unable to stick to other bacteria which makes it unable to reproduce and spread the infection. It's worth noting that cranberry juice "drink" or juices with loads of added sugars and other ingredients won't stop the bacteria from spreading. Organic, pure cranberry juice which is difficult to drink and a little pricey will be much more useful than regular cranberry juice.

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Eat Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that have many health benefits. Strong probiotics provide the beneficial bacteria to support immunity and overall health in the gut. The useful bacteria are used to treat many different conditions. Even though no clear evidence proves that probiotics play a role in the treatment of a urinary tract or kidney infection, they do muscle out harmful bacteria and restrict their ability to grow and spread throughout the body. They also enhance the immune system. For example, certain bacteria improve the strength of the immune system by increasing the production of specific antibodies. A urinary tract or kidney infection will require a doctor to prescribe you drugs that wipe out almost all the bacteria in your body, the good and the bad. Probiotics return the good bacteria to your gut and help balance your body's response to these medications.

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Delicious, affordable, and a superfood are all ways to describe the magnificent blueberry. This fruit is another natural remedy to prevent urinary tract and kidney infections. Blueberries can also speed up the healing process of an already existing infection. Blueberries contain proanthocyanidins which are antioxidants. The University of Maryland Medical Center found that blueberries may prevent kidney infections by avoiding damaging bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. Consuming blueberries can also improve your cognition, help your digestive system and reduce your risk of developing certain heart diseases.

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Quit Smoking

Smoking is terrible for your overall health. It causes so many different health problems like stroke, pregnancy complications, high blood pressure, heart disease and different types of cancers. Those who smoke are at an increased risk of developing certain cancers like lung, bladder, mouth and kidney cancer. It's also be proven that second-hand smoke is even more dangerous for those who ingest the toxic air around smokers. Smoking can hurt the kidney by slowing down its blood flow which will only make the kidney infection worse. That is why it's advisable for you to gradually quit smoking.

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Avoid Red Meat

Getting a kidney infection can make you more likely to develop a kidney stone. That's why you should try to avoid developing an infection as much as you can. Kidney stones can be common in those who eat a lot of red meat. Now, we aren't suggesting that you must become a vegetarian. However, you should try to aim for less than 65 grams (or less) of animal protein each day. Vegetarians do tend to be healthier, live longer, and develop fewer severe illnesses. Also, the animals appreciate it too. You should also watch your intake of phosphorous. Phosphorous can also cause problems for your kidney. Phosphorous is found in animal products, dairy, and beans. So, if you have a kidney infection, you should try to reduce the amount of phosphorous in your diet.

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Self Care

One of the most significant risk factors that hurt the kidneys the most is high blood pressure. That's why you want to keep it in check. Always consult your health care provider and follow their instructions to protect yourself from the many dangers of high blood pressure. Generally speaking, you want to set your blood pressure goal to be less than 140/90 mm Hg. However, your physician will be more specific about your blood pressure limits. Also, if you have high glucose levels as a result of diabetes, follow your doctor's instructions and take your medications regularly to prevent any damage to your kidneys. You should also keep an eye on your cholesterol levels. Self-care is paramount to preserving the systems in your body. Too much of anything: stress, red meat, alcohol, tobacco, dairy products, and sitting on the couch after work for the entire evening can all cause damage to your health. It's imperative to respect your body and provide it with the balance it so desperately needs to remain healthy and functioning.

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Focus on Health

You should add less salt to your diet. Set a target of fewer than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. Also, make sure that you eat a lot of fresh vegetables and whole grains. These foods are very healthy for your heart, and when your heart is healthy, it can provide the kidney with the adequate blood flow that it needs. You should try to drink less alcohol and do more sports and exercises. Losing any extra weight can also help to maintain a healthy body. However, weight loss is a serious undertaking and shouldn't be your primary focus. Put your energy toward finding a way to enjoy yourself while practicing healthy habits.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many different useful compounds. You can use aloe vera to treat mild pain and inflammation. It also contains active components that help the fight Staphylococcus and different types of bacteria. These active components aid in hindering bacterial growth in your urinary tract and kidneys. Another useful home remedy is fermented milk products. Fermented milk products contain many valuable bacteria that can help prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections in general.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains many active and useful components like potassium, probiotics, and magnesium. It's also a treasure trove of many different valuable enzymes. Apple cider vinegar is a home remedy for an array of problems. It can balance pH levels inside your body which is why it's also used to treat acid reflux. It's important to remember that not kinds of apple cider vinegar are the same when it comes to supporting the healthy function of the human body. Choose an apple cider vinegar that's both organic and raw. It should be unpasteurized and contain the 'mother.' Pasteurized means heated. So, apple cider vinegar that's pasteurized won't have the beneficial bacteria present within it. Also, avoid plastic bottles which contain BPA, this reduces the overall effectiveness of the apple cider vinegar.

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