Hyphema is a pooling of blood in the interior part of the eye, the space between the iris and cornea. Trauma inside the eye, even from a minimal injury, can cause the condition, which may or may not be painful. Hyphema is most common among athletes involved in activities such as basketball. It increases the intracellular pressure of the eye, and as a result, internal bleeding may occur. If not treated in time, hyphema can block the vision partially or completely.


1. Causes of Hyphema

The most common cause is eye injury due to an accident that causes the interior chamber of the eye to accumulate blood. If there is an encroachment of abnormal blood vessels in the surface of the iris, the vessels can bleed into the surface of the eye, causing partial blindness. Eventually, blood may cover the entire iris, resulting in hyphema. The condition may also develop due to postsurgical bleeding after cataracts surgery.


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