Do you wake up with your eyes crusted shut every morning? Maybe you feel like you have a piece of sand in your eye that you just have to wipe away. This medical condition is known as blepharitis, but more casually called ‘eyelid inflammation.’ The crust is usually on the outside, front edge where you eyelashes attached to your eyelid. You may experience this crust in just one eye, but it often affects both. While this eye condition does not have a cure, you should recognize the symptoms and know the causes to prevent the ailment better. Although it is uncomfortable, blepharitis does not cause permanent damage to your eye or eyesight. Further, it is not contagious. Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms and causes.


1. Symptom: Crusted, Burning, or Gritty Eyes

The most obvious symptom of blepharitis is crusted eyes. However, the condition has also been explained as a burning sensation or a gritty feeling. Your skin may also be flaking around your eyes, but the crust is actually in your eyes.


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