The onset of any eye symptoms can be a warning sign of poor vision to come. Growing older automatically brings on eye changes and various conditions to do with vision. Stress and trauma can also cause eye problems you may not even be aware of at first. Regular yearly eye exams are the best way to determine early if you are experiencing any poor vision, which is necessary, as untreated problems can lead to blindness. If you are experiencing any of the following, it best to get your eyes checked.


1. Floaters and spots

Seeing spots or in your vision is common, but should always be a call for a bit of concern. Spots and floaters can be caused by various conditions. They could be caused by the interior of the eye becoming liquefied and separating from the retina. This is an age-related condition called vitreous detachment. If you are pregnant, it could be a sign of preeclampsia, which is a pregnancy-related complication. Either way, a trip to the doctor is the best way to determine why they appear and if they are further cause for concern.

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