Getting something in the eye can be painful. Fortunately, this sensitive body part is protected by the eyelids, which close reflexively to form a barrier against foreign objects. Still, sometimes something gets past that barrier, and when this happens, there may be damage to the conjunctiva, the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye or the cornea. While most injuries to the conjunctiva are minor, there is a chance of vision loss in some rare cases. Given the potential risks, it is a good idea to seek treatment when there is a foreign object in the eye that cannot be easily washed away by tears or rinsing.


1. The Symptoms

Our eyes are often affected by dust and debris. If a foreign object is present, you may experience a variety of symptoms including pain, which can worsen when looking at light, redness, discomfort, pressure, extreme tearing, and excessive blinking. In the rare case that the object has penetrated the eye (from high-speed impact), there may also be blood and fluid discharge.

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