There are many kinds of cancer which can affect the eye. The most common ones are lymphoma, eye melanoma, retinoblastoma (which is a childhood cancer), and squamous cell carcinoma. At times, eye cancer can develop in the tissues that surround the eyeball. It may even spread from the eyes to the different parts of the body. The symptoms of eye cancer are quite easy to identify unlike other types of cancer. Although, some are obscure and without symptoms. This is why it's very important to have regular eye examinations.


1. Vision Blur

When you experience blurring of your vision, it could be for a variety of reasons. If it's temporary, you may ignore it, or you can blame your glasses if you use them. If the blurring of your vision happens you will have to get your eyes checked. It may be a symptom of eye cancer. This is one of the most common symptoms, so it is best to have to have your eyes checked immediately.

eye cancer symptom

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