Swollen fingers or, medically speaking, dactylitis, are often uncomfortable and irritating. Usually, dactylitis isn't a cause for concern, but it can be an underlying medical issue. Conditions that can cause the fingers to swell vary greatly in severity, ranging from mild and fleeting to potentially life-threatening.


1. Exercise

Many people find that their fingers swell after exercise. During a workout, the body adjusts blood flow to several areas. Delivery to the heart, lungs, and muscles increases, while parts like the hands receive less blood. In response, the blood vessels in the hands may expand, resulting in swollen fingers. Exercising also raises body temperature, and other systems try to counteract this by pushing blood towards the vessels closest to the surface to release heat through sweating. This is part of the process that makes a person sweat and may also cause hands and fingers to swell. Swelling in the fingers is more common when exercising in hot weather.

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