Paraphimosis is a urological condition that occurs when an uncircumcised male's foreskin retracts and can't be pulled back over the head of the penis. If the foreskin remains behind the head of the penis for too long, swelling may occur, which can be serious. Medical attention should be sought when an individual develops paraphimosis.


1. Causes

Many situations can contribute to paraphimosis, including improper circumcision, injury to the genital area, infection, and failure to pull the foreskin over the tip of the penis after washing or urinating. Also, poor hygiene, repeated infections of the foreskin, and swelling as a result of an insect bite can lead to the condition. Less commonly, paraphimosis can develop as a result of vigorous sexual activity, penile piercing, or an overly constricting penile ring. Paraphimosis can result in difficulty urinating or the inability to urinate. It can also affect the flow of blood to the tip of the penis causing harm or even loss.

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