Seizures occur due to disturbances in the brain's neuronal activity. Anyone can have a seizure under certain conditions; not all seizures involve epilepsy, but the condition has many types, each with unique situations that can trigger a seizure. Many triggers vary from person to person, though some are almost universal. It is important to realize that these triggers increase the likelihood of an event but do not immediately result in a seizure.


1. Stress

Almost everyone is aware of how damaging stress can be to the body. It can cause headaches, sleeping issues, and even seizures in people with epilepsy. Physical and emotional stress may also trigger an event. Physical stress might include sleeping too little, exercising too much, drinking alcohol, a physical illness, or hormonal fluctuations related to the menstrual cycle. The reason why stress triggers seizures is not clear, although it may be due to changes in stress hormones or over-activation of the nervous system.

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