Toxic shock syndrome, or TSS, is a severe condition caused by bacterial toxins entering your body at an increased rate. TSS can rapidly deteriorate your health and even jeopardize your own life.  TSS can be treated and eliminated in about two weeks with proper care but can be deadly in less than two days. A leading theory suggests that the chief cause of TSS is a tampon left for excess periods of time.


1. Increased body temperature

This symptom is one of the most widely spread indicators of an infection. Because fevers are common, people may brush off this symptom and choose to ignore it. Unfortunately, ignoring symptoms related to toxic shock syndrome increases your danger of death.

To be safe, if you feel that you have an abnormally high body temperature, please go and see your doctor. No medical expert will admonish you for wanting to be safe. You should be especially concerned if your temperature is higher than 102 degrees.


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