Klinefelter Syndrome is a prenatal condition that occurs when men possess an extra X chromosome either as XXY or XYX. Believe it or not, this isn’t actually as odd as it sounds. Everyone starts as a female in the womb before one X chromosome eventually turns into a Y and turns the fetus from female to male. Usually Klinefelter develops because there were problems with the cells that normally would have created an XY chromosome. Although it isn’t fatal, this condition may cause emotional and physical problems.


1. Gynaecomastia

You’ve probably heard the term “gynecologist” before right? Well, the same Greek word, "Gynaeca", meaning woman, is the basis for the word “gynaecomastia”. So what does this have to do with Klinefelter Syndrome? Basically, this refers to breast enlargement in men. Although heavy eating and drinking may also cause it, a man with Klinefelter Syndrome may need surgical assistance to remove the enlarged breasts.


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