Adrenal insufficiency - also known as Addison's disease - is an uncommon condition that affects hormone levels in the body. Only around 1 in every 100,000 people suffer from adrenal insufficiency, making this one of the rarest ailments of its type. Addison's disease occurs when the glands responsible for the production of cortisol - the adrenal glands - don't produce the required number of hormones that the body requires. This causes a range of symptoms to appear, including muscular pain and weight loss.


1. Fatigue

Different factors can cause you to feel fatigued. Activity levels, age, and general fitness can all influence how energized you feel. But another factor that can leave you feeling overworked and tired is your adrenaline level. That's why fatigue is often considered one of the most indicative signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. If your body cannot produce high enough amounts of needed hormones, you might end up feeling tired, regardless of how well you've slept. Dietary changes, as well as increased physical activity, can help you recover energy levels.

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