It's often said that a woman's hair is her glory. Sometimes, though, you might wish that you didn't have so much glory to maintain. Perhaps you're making big changes in your life and you want a new, low-maintenance ‘do to match. Well, you're about to discover a wide array of short hairstyles for women that can transform your look and your outlook.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

An asymmetrical pixie cut is short on one side and longer on the other. This style works for thin, thick, straight, curly, and wavy hair types. The only hard and fast rule is that one side is shorter than the other. Cutting layers can help frame your face while amping up texture and volume.

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Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are quite a popular style for short hair. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to chop your ends bluntly to a length between your ears and just under your chin. Feather cut layers to soften the look and add texture. To create a messy chic look and accent the choppiness of this style, use volumizing spray and mousse.

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Finger Coils

Finger coils are a chic, low-maintenance style for naturally coarse or afro-textured hair. It is easy to install these at home and the coils can last for several weeks, even with washing. You only need your hands and some twist gel to form ringlets that pop. Wear the coils as a style or unravel them for a cute coil out.

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Crimped bob

Plump up thin hair with a crimped bob. You can do this style at home by crimping your hair in sections with a texturizing iron. Once your hair has cooled, shake it out and add a texture spray to separate and hold. Crimping is an easy way to dress up your look with subtle chicness.

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Triangular layered bob

The triangular layered bob is a modern, graduated bob that can complement your bone structure. Its bold look can be an ideal change for women who are self-confident and prefer a sleek appearance. The cut works particularly well with fine/medium hair because it adds body and volume. Just a bit of oil or serum can enhance the style with a polished finish.

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Pixie bob with straight bangs

A pixie cut with straight bangs can be a cute, low-maintenance hairstyle option for a girl or young woman. With bangs that fall almost straight across the forehead, you achieve a simple, modern look. Layer the bangs slightly for a less blunt look and add a volumizer and tousle for a playful effect.


Rocker Faux Hawk

For a fun look that's sure to grab attention, go for the eye-catching faux hawk. This daring short hairstyle calls for closely cut sides and nape with a tall faux mohawk up top and down the center. Some mousse, styling gel, and some color can make this cut really rock. This look can easily transform into a tamer, sleeker style if you need to tone down.

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The wedge is a long-standing, versatile hairstyle with infinite variations. It has a thicker section of hair, called a weight line, forming a horizontal line across the nape. A multi-toned look adds extra fun and flair to this look. You can slick down your sides for a sophisticated, confident coif that stands out.

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The undercut is another option for women who want to stand out. With this style, the hair is much shorter on the sides and back than the top. One variation is the nape undercut in which only the nape is shaved. Many women apply a special design or color that’s only seen when the hair is pulled up.

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Messy waves

Short, messy waves work beautifully for women with naturally wavy hair or hair that curls in undefined forms. This soft style flatters the face and adds volume to fine hair, making it a great option for older women. It uses lots of deep, tousled layers, and bangs can add a nice, straight contrast that accents your beauty.

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Undercut bob

The undercut bob combines the traditional bob with the undercut for a bold, modish look, giving you a feminine touch with a rocker edge. Include a deep side part or pair your undercut with a curly or wavy bob. You can let your hair hang down for a tame look or pull it up to display your rebellious side.

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Straight cropped

The adorable short and straight cropped style is a simple look with lots of glam potential. Layers are cut around the sides and back to add shape and volume. Highlights can make it even more charming. Layer some bangs across the forehead for a tender touch. Best of all, this hairstyle is super easy to maintain.


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