The cast of Grease celebrated the film’s 40th anniversary in Beverly Hills with a special anniversary screening. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John discussed the timelessness of Grease but can we say the same of the cast? We’ve got photos of all your favorite stars from one of the most iconic movies and one of the most beloved TV series all in one place.

John Travolta Then

Although he played a cool cat in Saturday Night Fever prior to Grease, John Travolta created a magnetic screen presence when he was the lead role of the fabulous '50s flick known as Grease. Even though it was released in the late '70s, everyone loved his flair, dimple chin, velvet voice, and greasy hair.

Grease john travolta


John Travolta Now

This actor went from carefree teen Danny Zuko to a gray-haired mob boss. He played John Gotti in 2018. It is safe to say the years have caught up to this teen heartthrob but John Travolta makes gray hair look good! He has had his fair share of controversies throughout his life, but he is still a great actor.


Roy Rochlin / Getty Images


Olivia Newton-John Then

The zipper broke on Sandy's skin-tight trousers she dons at the Rydell carnival, so the dedicated actress had to be sewn into the pants. At the time of filming, the young rising start was also pregnant. She was 28 years old even though she portrayed a teenager in high school.

Olivia Newton-John 1977

Alan Pappe / Getty Images


Olivia Newton-John Now

Even after battling cancer in 2017, nothing can keep Olivia Newton-John down! This photo was taken at the 40th-anniversary screening of Grease in L.A. She’s still got that Sandy sass. Although she is most known for her performance as Sandy, Olivia Newton-John had a great singing career after the film aired.

Olivia Newton-John cancer

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Stockard Channing Then

You may not recognize her by name, but who could forget the iconic take-no-crap gal pal Rizzo. She was a little mean, maybe, but eventually, Rizzo revealed her softer side. After all, it was just hormones making her a little crazy! Did she keep the same iconic short, curly hair-do after all of these years?

Rizzo grease


Stockard Channing Now

At 74 years old, Stockard Channing is one of the most famous and oldest former members of the cast of Grease. She was 33 when playing the role of high schooler Betty Rizzo! She had a successful career both before and after Grease on the stage, in film and on television.

grease rizzo now

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Jeff Conaway Then

Jeff Conaway played Danny's best friend, bad boy Kenickie. During filming, Jeff Conaway was told to slouch or stoop slightly so John Travolta would appear taller than him. Kenickie was also supposed to sing "Greased Lightning" like the stage version, but John Travolta earned the song only after Jeff Conaway finally agreed to it.

Greased Lightning


Jeff Conaway Now

On May 27, 2011, Jeff Conaway passed away after spending two weeks in a coma. He had publicly battled addiction, even appearing in the VH1 reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2008. Rest in Peace, Kenickie. We will always remember "a hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card!"


Todd Williamson / Getty Images


Didi Conn Then

Didi Conn was 25 years old at the time she played Sandy's best friend, Frenchy, in Grease. She also was the only original cast member to have a role in Grease 2. She was the Pink Lady who tried to drop out of school early and become a beautician. However, she changed her mind when she accidentally dyed her hair pink!

Didi Conn grease


Didi Conn Now

40 years later and Didi Conn is still sporting her Frenchy jacket from Grease! She is still acting and even made an appearance in the TV movie Grease Live as well as Grease 2. You can also catch that larger-than-life smile on The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang and multiple TV appearances.

Didi Conn grease now

Bobby Bank / Getty Images


Barry Pearl Then

Barry Pearl played Doody, one of the T-Bird members. In the movie, he takes Frenchy to the school dance. Turns out, there was no air conditioning in that gym on set. Furthermore, the doors needed to be closed to control lighting and things. Multiple background extras had to leave because of heat-related illnesses.

Doody now


Barry Pearl Now

Barry Pearl will always be remembered for playing Doody in Grease. He continues to act even all these decades later. Like many of his fellow cast members, he also made an appearance in the TV movie Grease Live in 2016 and is currently on the TV show Boomers which premiered in May of this year.

Barry Pearl now

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Jamie Donnelly Then

Jamie Donnelly was 30 years old when she played Jan in the 1978 film Grease. It went on to become the highest-grossing movie that year. It earned around $160 million domestically. As of 2017, the film earned over $394 million worldwide. It only cost $6,000,000 to make the entire film back in the '70s.

Jamie Donnelly grease


Jamie Donnelly Now

"Brusha brusha" Pink Lady Jamie Donnelly is still smiling and still acting! She’s been in several short films recently, as well as Showtime’s hit show Ray Donovan since her days as one of the Pink Ladies. Nevertheless, we will always picture her in pigtails doing an epic look with her sunglasses.

grease pink lady

Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images


Dinah Manoff Then

During the original Broadway production in 1972, Marilu Henner, who played in the original Chicago production, was the replacement role for Marty. In the silver screen version, actress Dinah Manoff scored the role of the Pinky Lady known as Marty. With her birthday falling on January 25, 1958, Dinah Manoff was around 20 years old during her performance.

Dinah Manoff grease


Dinah Manoff Now

After her role as gum popping Marty, Dinah acted in several successful TV shows including Soap, Empty Nest and the Golden Girls. She also won a Tony Award in 1980. Recently, she’s dropped out of the limelight and hasn’t acted in ten years. That's okay though because we will always love her as the girl who had all the boyfriends in Grease.

grease reunion

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Michael Tucci Then

Michael Tucci was 31 years old when he played Sonny in the film Grease. The original rating for the move was PG; however, it is full of adult joke and sexual innuendos. They also had a sock hop on the first day of rehearsal to learn dance moves from the 1950s and get to know the fellow cast mates.

Michael Tucci


Michael Tucci Now

In addition to playing the wise-cracking Sonny in Grease, Michael Tucci performed on Broadway, was an assistant district attorney in New York, and even taught high school! He has had a full life of passionate work, to say the least.

Michael Tucci now grease

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Kelly Ward Then

The only blonde T-Bird, Kelly Ward portrayed Putzie in the movie Grease. Like his fellow cast mates, he was well into adulthood at the time even though he played a high school teenager. His most infamous line from the film was when Sonny claims he failed Phys. ed. and Putzie replies by asking "Did I take Phys. ed?".

Kelly Ward grease


Kelly Ward Now

After Putzie, Kelly Ward has continued acting in minor roles for the last 40 years in both TV series and movies. The blondie rather work behind the scenes because Kelly Ward has also been a voice and dialogue director since the 90s for Disney Television Animation. Sounds like a fun job for someone who failed gym!

Kelly Ward now grease

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Eve Arden Then

From playing that xylophone before and after each school announcement to telling Blanche to 'stop blubbering', Principal McGee made quite an impact. Eve Arden played the strict, but fair principal in the musical Grease. She already had decades of successful acting under her belt when she received the small, but memorable role.

Eve Arden grease


Eve Arden Now

Eve Arden was seventy years old when she took on the role of Principal McGee in Grease. She appeared on a plethora of hit shows throughout her time, mostly talk shows. Some included The Dick Clark Show and The Red Skeleton Hour. The successful actress even had her own TV show, The Eve Arden Show. Eve died in 1990 at the age of 82.

Eve Arden grease now


Sid Caesar Then

The beloved coach of Rydell High School was none other than the comedic actor Sid Caesar. You probably remember his infamous scenes including the pie-in-the-face during the end-of-the-school carnival. Your favorite might be the bonfire football rally where he really wanted to beat the other time to "come back and ring that victory bell."

Sid Caesar now grease


Sid Caesar Now

Born in New York in 1922, Isaac Sidney 'Sid' Caesar was an iconic actor, comedian, musician, and author. He passed away on February 12, 2014. The amazing performer continued working until just two years before his death. Although his legacy includes his 1950s live series, we will always remember him as Coach Calhoun.

sid Caesar grease

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Frankie Avalon Then

Frankie Avalon played the dreamy singer in Frenchy's diner fantasy. Do you remember that iconic Beauty School Drop Out hit? Elvis Presley turned down the role of the Guardian Angel, which was great news for Frankie Avalon. The musical still went on to be the third highest-grossing movie for a period of time.

Frankie Avalon grease


Frankie Avalon Now

  Before Frankie Avalon was cast as Frenchy's Guardian Angel in Grease, he already had a successful career. He was a teen idol throughout the '50s singing and playing the trumpet. Teen idol and teen angel Frankie Avalon is still crooning his way into the hearts of women everywhere as he continues touring in fall of 2018. He’s also got his own line of products including food, a cookbook and pain management aids.

Frankie Avalon Now grease

Rob Kim / Getty Images  


Michelle Pfeiffer Then

Michelle Pfeiffer earned the role as the new leader of the Rydell High School Pink Ladies as Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2. The film aired in 1982. Although it didn't gain quite the superstar fame as the original, the movie is considered a cult classic and has a huge following.

Michelle Pfeiffer grease



Michelle Pfeiffer Now

Michelle’s first role was on the TV show Delta House and her character was “The Bombshell”. That’s pretty much been her role ever since. From Stephanie in Grease 2 to Catwoman, and even Velma in Hairspray, she’s played the bombshell her whole career. Now she’s part of the Marvel Universe in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Michelle Pfeiffer grease 2

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


Maxwell Caulfield Then

After Stephanie, played by Michelle Pfeiffer is tired of dating the top T-bird, she decides to go for the English exchange student, Michael. Like the original musical, Maxwell Caulfield's character wants to transform from the shy nerd to a cool motorcycle rider. Turns out, Michael was actually Sandy's cousin, which is why Frenchy already knows him.

Maxwell Caulfield


Maxwell Caulfield Now

The ultimate ‘cool rider’ Maxwell Caulfield has continued his long career as an actor. You can spot the actor with an accent in recurring roles on several TV series including Dynasty and, of course, playing Rex Manning in Empire Records. Don’t forget, Rex Manning Day is April 8th every single year.

Maxwell Caulfield actor

Bobby Bank / Getty Images


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