For some of the lucky contestants on reality shows, fame happens right away. Even if they have no other redeeming qualities besides how they look in a bikini or Speedos. For others, the grind is real, and they work towards it for years. Before they were famous, the cast of Love Island 2018 was trying to make it for years. The world of reality television is, perhaps, even shallower than that of Hollywood. At least, in some instances, Hollywood has its character actors to fall back on for some diversity. Since reality shows like Love Island serve no real purpose, however, contestants seemingly have to look good. Or nobody would watch.


1. Dani Dyer

Trust actor Danny Dyer's daughter to be called Dani Dyer. Before appearing on Love Island, she was in the first series of Survival of the Fittest. At least, she was in the first episode of the first series before having to leave. Dani injured herself while going down a water slide, dislocating her shoulder. Despite this, she still completed the obstacle course before seeking out medical attention. Apparently, she's also an actress like her father. Suppose only time will tell on that one.

love island Dani Dyer

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