Getting bangs feels like a huge commitment. There's always the looming possibility that once the fringe is snipped, you'll realize you were right: bangs really do look good on everyone except you. But pulling off ever-trendy bangs is much easier than you think; it's just a matter of selecting the right style for your face shape and personality. Whether you want to dramatically change your look or just add a bit of flair, there’s a style of bangs out there to suit everyone.

Piecey bangs

For a trendy-yet-effortless hairstyle, try this low-key option. The thinned-out, piecey style prevents your bangs from looking too blunt or heavy, making it perfect for those who want a more modern look. Piecey bangs can be worn long or short, making them a great choice for just about every face and hair type. Style with dry shampoo or sea salt spray for an intentionally tousled look.

Effortless piecey bangs Thomas Barwick / Getty Images


Lash-skimming fringe

Longer, lash-skimming bangs suit most people, but can be particularly flattering for those with square or oblong face shapes. These longer bangs can be worn either sleek or choppy, while a softer, face-framing version is perfect with an up-do. The best part? Their length makes them easy to grow out, so they’re a great option for those testing out the style for the first time.

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Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have made a major comeback since their 70s glory days. Long, center-parted bangs are perfect for giving off a stylish, low-maintenance vibe, and are super flattering for round face shapes. Keep the styling simple by using a round boar bristle brush or flatiron to keep them sleek and blending in with the rest of your hair. They're also a perfect choice for those growing out a shorter fringe and want a stylish way to keep their growing bangs out of their face.

Center-parted curtain bangs alvarez / Getty Images



Who says curly hair doesn’t lend itself to bangs? Lean into your natural texture by keeping your curls soft and moisturized, or use a texturizing spray to amp up the waves. A soft A-shape creates angles that look great with curly hair. Make sure you get a stylist who’s experienced with your hair type to make the most of gorgeous natural hair.

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Thick and blunt

The classic thick, blunt style of bangs works perfectly on those with longer, oval, or oblong-shaped faces. That doesn’t mean everyone can’t rock them, of course. This strong look is most suitable for thicker hair⁠—fine hair can get too wispy for this style⁠—and works just as well with a long, layered cut as it does with a classic bob.

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Soft, side-swept bangs lengthen the face and call attention to your cheekbones, making them perfect for round and heart-shaped faces. They’re also a great styling option for those starting to grow out thicker bangs. Keep them sleek with a glossing serum, or add a bit of texture to make them effortlessly appealing.

Side-swept bangs ValuaVitaly / Getty Images


Short, blunt bangs

Short bangs may seem like a bold choice, but they’re surprisingly flattering on all kinds of face shapes. They elongate the face, making them a flattering option if you have a round face or short forehead. They’re also a perfect addition to a pixie cut for that spot-on ingénue look. Keep things chic with a soft, textured finish, or go blunt for a stronger look.

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Long and shaggy

Long, feathery bangs are incredibly on-trend right now. Bangs that are shorter in the middle and gradually taper out at the ends are flattering and face-framing, or you can add long razored layers for an edgier style. Keep them straight and sleek with a flatiron, or add volume with a blowout, depending on the type of look you’re going for. Longer bangs can also be parted or side-swept, and look incredible paired with a longer bob that’s just growing out.

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Jagged and asymmetrical

Perfect with a shorter, cropped cut, these uneven bangs can also work with longer hair. Use texturizer to give these bangs their signature jagged, choppy edge, or some pomade to keep them in place, especially if you plan on parting them off to the side. For a low-maintenance alternative, simply spray through some dry shampoo for more of an intentionally messy, rocker vibe. Asymmetrical bangs look particularly striking on longer, oval-shaped faces.

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Faux bangs

Not ready for the commitment just yet? That’s okay! To see what it might be like to have bangs without the risk factor, try out a couple of these hair hacks for faux bangs. To DIY, fan out some loose hair from a high bun or ponytail just above your face, or simply twist and pin a section of hair behind your ears. You can also try out a wig or clip-on bangs to get a feel for the style.

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