As more companies move toward remote work, managers are looking for ways to keep in contact with their teams. As one of the most popular teleconferencing programs on the market, Zoom is a possible solution to keeping teams connected. The software also allows team members to liaise with clients or external consultants without leaving their house. Zoom has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for new users to host effective team meetings. For people looking for additional benefits, Zoom's advanced features can increase efficiency, security, and collaboration.


1. Recurring Meetings

Many companies have meetings on a regular schedule, such as weekly or monthly. Zoom allows users to set recurring meetings, which will enable organizers to lock in the call settings. The meetings also use the same join URL, so there's no need to send a new one each week. A No Fixed Time option offers the same benefits to groups, even if the time they meet changes regularly. The method depends on the user's platform, but instructions are in the Zoom documentation.

Automatically set regular meetings Pra-chid / Getty Images

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