As more companies move toward remote work, managers are looking for ways to keep in contact with their teams. As one of the most popular teleconferencing programs on the market, Zoom is a possible solution to keeping teams connected. The software also allows team members to liaise with clients or external consultants without leaving their house. Zoom has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for new users to host effective team meetings. For people looking for additional benefits, Zoom's advanced features can increase efficiency, security, and collaboration.

Recurring Meetings

Many companies have meetings on a regular schedule, such as weekly or monthly. Zoom allows users to set recurring meetings, which will enable organizers to lock in the call settings. The meetings also use the same join URL, so there's no need to send a new one each week. A No Fixed Time option offers the same benefits to groups, even if the time they meet changes regularly. The method depends on the user's platform, but instructions are in the Zoom documentation.

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Attendee List

The attendee list allows the host to see who was at the meeting. This is especially useful in large groups or when participants must attend, such as a university lecture. The information is available once the meeting is over. To generate the report go to Account Management > Reports. From there, click Usage Reports, then Meetings to select the correct meeting. Choose the report type and dates to get the data. This is only available for certain plans and users.

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Advanced Settings

Advanced settings help users create an optimized experience in all their Zoom meetings. Turning off audio and video when entering a meeting means that sudden noises or images do not distract other attendees. Mobile Zoom users can choose to get meeting reminders, so they never miss an important call. People who meet customers on Zoom can also choose to display participants' names, so there are no mishaps when talking to an important client. All these options are found in the Settings menu.

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Teams that use Slack can start meetings from their channel. Slack can also remind the team of upcoming meetings. Type "/zoom" in Slack to see the options. Zapier is another option for integration that can connect Zoom to hundreds of other apps. One of the most useful connections is to scheduling software. The right workflow allows Zapier to automatically add the Zoom meeting link to scheduled appointments. This works in Google Calendar, Calendly, and other scheduling tools.

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Recording Options

Zoom makes it easy to access important conversations. Hosts can record meetings as a video, which is a great way to share the conversation with those unable to attend. Files are saved locally or in the cloud. If saving to the cloud, hosts can also get an automatic transcript. When users watch the recording, they can scan for keywords or download the transcript. They can also click on a word in the transcript and access the video from that point.

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Annotate Shared Screen

Teams often need to offer advice or notes on, especially on visual materials such as packaging. This is where Zoom's annotation option is useful. It allows everyone in the meeting to draw, highlight, and comment on a shared screen. To annotate, select View Option, then Annotate from the top of the zoom window. A toolbar with annotation options appears. The presenter can save the image, complete with annotations. It is also possible to disable attendee annotation if it is not needed.

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Extra security

All businesses want to keep their data and conversations secure. Fortunately, Zoom has tips and tricks that ensure meetings are private and uninterrupted. The first step is to refrain from sharing meeting links on social media. The lock feature also blocks uninvited guests. If someone unexpected does drop in, hover over their name to see a remove option. For added security, hosts can block other users from controlling screen sharing and only allow signed-in users to join.

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Waiting and Breakout Rooms

Zoom's waiting room function gives hosts added control over when participants enter a meeting. All invitees can be placed in the staging area, or just external participants. For example, a client can wait in the waiting room while the team makes final changes to a presentation. Companies can customize the waiting room with a message or brand. Breakout rooms are also useful. These allow team members to form smaller groups away from the main meeting. This allows focused teams to discuss specific points or receive extra information.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Users that learn keyboard shortcuts are more efficient at accessing the program's functions. There are shortcuts that allow users to send meeting invites, share screens, and record calls. Meeting participants can also control their audio and video feeds in seconds. A shortcut even exists that allows the host to mute everyone on a call. Keyboard shortcuts differ depending on the computer's operating system. Zoom's website lists all the program's hotkeys and shortcuts.

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Visual Assists

Zoom has a couple of options that can improve the visual quality of the meeting. The most useful is the virtual background. This allows meeting participants to upload an image that appears behind them. People working at their kitchen table can make it appear that they are in an office. Businesses can also use a customized, branded background when meeting with clients. Another popular setting is the Touch Up My Appearance option. This adds a soft focus to the video, which smooths out skin tone and provides a polished appearance.

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