National Girlfriends Day on August 1st is a day for celebrating female friendships, close bonds, and romantic partners. To find the perfect way to show your girlfriend how much you love them, think about what they love to do. Whether it's a fancy meal, a gathering with friends, a gift, or a day on the town, National Girlfriends Day is a great chance to shower your pal or your significant other with love.

What is National Girlfriends Day?

National Girlfriends Day was intended to provide an opportunity for female friends to rekindle friendships, reach out to childhood friends, and cement the bonds of these vital relationships. Female friendships make up some of the most formative years for young girls as they grow up. National Girlfriends Day encourages women to focus on and nuture these relationships.

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The history of National Girlfriends Day is somewhat unclear. It seems that it was first mentioned on a National Days calendar in 2002. It is thought that, originally, the special day was to mark female friendships, but as the years have passed, romantic partners also mark this day by showing special appreciation to their girlfriends. Special days in a similar vein include National Friends Day on July 30th and National Boyfriends Day on October 3rd.

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Who does it celebrate?

National Girlfriends Day celebrates the unique bond between female friends. Whether girlfriends are found in childhood, high school, college, or beyond, they can become as strong as any familial or romantic connection. As life continues to change through romantic relationships, careers, motherhood, and relocating, the bonds of friendship remain. This day celebrates every type of supportive female relationship. It is also sometimes used to celebrate girlfriends in a romantic sense.

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Give gifts

Gifts are perhaps the most obvious choice for celebrating a special day, but they are still a great option. Think about what your girlfriends would love to receive. It doesn't have to be expensive; spending time creating something yourself that you know she'll love shows how much you care. Homemade treats make touching gifts that are easy and inexpensive. If you do want to spend some money, think of something that has special meaning between the two of you.

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Hit the beach for the day

Spending time together is the best way to celebrate friendship. Getting your girlfriends together at the beach is a great chance to switch off from your busy lives and enjoy time together without the distractions of work, kids, or other stresses. Take walks along the shore, sunbathe if the weather is fine, or try out surfing or bodyboarding if you're up for an adventure. The beach is the ideal place to relax and spend quality time.

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Walk in the park

A joint activity doesn't have to be daring, different, or costly. If your busy lives mean an hour together away from your responsibilities is all you can manage, then make the most of it. A quick walk in the park on your lunch break, maybe with a picnic or your favorite take-out, can be enough to catch up and make plans for the next time you have a full day to share.

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Get together with the kids

It can be hard to find the time to maintain friendships when you and your friends are all in that stage of life heavy on the family or career commitments. Take the chance to get together on National Girlfriends Day, even if you have the children with you — your kids can play together as you catch up. Take a walk in nature, find a fun playground, or meet up in the biggest backyard.

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Party together

Arrange a party with your friends to celebrate your friendship in wild style. You might be in the stage of regular Saturday nights out with your friends already, but if not, let this day be the encouragement you need to get dressed up, let your hair down and dance the night away with your sisters from another mister. Pink drinks encouraged.

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Go on a trip

As National Girlfriend Day approaches, you could plan ahead and arrange a really exciting way to celebrate if your budget allows. If you and your girls have long talked of taking a trip together, this is the perfect time to start making decisions. A vacation abroad is the ideal opportunity to spend lots of quality time together. If you can't manage that much time away from your responsibilities, even an overnight road trip will give you hours of gab time and good memories.

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Spend time with a loved one

If you want to celebrate your significant other this National Girlfriends Day, feel free (once you make sure she doesn't have plans with her girlfriends, of course)! Plan to cook her favorite meal, take her out dancing, or surprise her with a little gift. This is especially important if your partner is far from her female friends on this day and missing their companionship. National Girlfriends day is the perfect opportunity to remind her why you love her.

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