Being in love is a feeling like no other. Whether you're in a new relationship or you've been with your significant other for years, there's something truly special about sharing your life with someone. While there are probably plenty of things you love about your man, such as his brains and good looks, another bonus is that you get to call him all sorts of fun names.


Having a cute nickname for your boyfriend can elevate your intimacy. "Baby" is one of the most popular choices between romantic partners, along with babe. The Oxford English Dictionary confirmed the earliest use of the term in a romantic sense dates back to the 1600s, but it's definitely become more mainstream in the last century. Sure, "baby" can have an almost childlike sense to it, but it also rolls nicely off the tongue.

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Social media has taken off in the past decade, and one of the many trends it popularized was the term "bae," which stands for Before Anyone Else. As a shorter alternative to baby, bae is a well-known hashtag on digital platforms. Common examples include "thanks bae" and "bae be like," which you can get into if you choose to use this nickname on your boyfriend. Show him some love when you post photos and try the trendy hashtag out for yourself.

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Honey is a sweet moniker for the person you love the most. It's a reminder of everything lovely and adorable your boyfriend has to offer, and the pet name is sure to bring a smile to his face. The use of honey as a term of endearment traces back to the 14th century, and of course, it's included in the term "honeymoon" to signify post-wedding vacations and celebrations. Why not show off your honey and keep up the romance in your love life with a nice nickname?

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Your boyfriend may also love being called foxy, which typically describes someone attractive. Hopefully, you feel like your boyfriend fits the bill, and you can see how he responds to this fun and flirty nickname. Also, keep in mind that the fox is a clever animal, so using this nickname adds an extra layer of flattery for your significant other.

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Hopefully, your initial attraction to your boyfriend never fades, and your feelings continue to grow stronger over time. Calling him handsome can be a reminder of your feelings to both you. If you've got a good-looking guy you can't get enough of, then it just makes sense to call him a synonym of attractive. Every time you see your hunk, remind him just how handsome he is and how much he means to you.

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Hot Stuff

If you can't keep your hands off your handsome man, call him "hot stuff " to keep the romance alive. Hot stuff is a fun and light-hearted way to refer to your attractive boyfriend and his charming good looks. Even though your relationship is built on more than just physical appearance, it feels good to remind your lover how amazing he is, inside and out. Just think of how nice it is to be reminded of your own beauty, and try tossing out this confidence booster of a nickname.

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Mi Amor

Being in the constant company of your boyfriend should make your days brighter and keep you feeling happy. If you're thankful for his love and you want to elevate the romance, consider calling him mi amor. This means "my love" in Spanish, an undeniably romantic language, and it rolls off the tongue in a classic, loving way. Mi amor can easily become a cherished nickname for the two of you to share as you continue to grow and make new memories together.

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Who doesn't want a helpful boyfriend who thinks with his head and feels with his heart? If you have a kind and considerate significant other, calling him sweetie could be the perfect fit. It's especially appropriate when he does something nice for you, and you want a nickname that reflects his personality and positive qualities.

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Tiger is a fun and playful pet name for that special man in your life. Typically, "tiger" is used to describe someone who is strong and energetic, just like the wild animal. A lot of people choose this nickname for their boyfriends if they are always up for anything and never seem to get tired. If you want to try something different and move away from some of the more traditional nicknames, tiger is a great choice for your fierce boyfriend.

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Stud Muffin

The term stud muffin is a cheeky description of a deliciously handsome man, usually one with a toned body and big muscles. If your boyfriend fits that mold, then you may as well call him by this pet name and see if he likes it. The nickname was used in 1970s Valentine's Day ads, and it took off from there with many pop culture references. When your boyfriend's good looks are almost too hot to handle, stud muffin is a fitting nickname.

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