The crime series known as CHiPs hit NBC’s airwaves back in 1977. The show had a successful run through 1983. Since then, it has not been forgotten. Reruns have popularly aired on multiple networks, and the show has earned a myriad of fans. Centered on California Highway Patrol officers, the show starred Erik Estrada as “Ponch” and Larry Wilcox as “Jon.” From auto pile-ups and high-speed chases to interrogations and hostage situations, the show brimmed with dramatic flair—so much so that it’s still attracting new fans around the world.


1. On-Screen Pals--Only!

The chemistry between Ponch and Jon is one of the hallmarks of the show. Fans have the distinct impression that these two partners were made to patrol the highs and bi-ways of Southern California together forever. In reality, however, the two did not get along. In fact, it was their rift that finally led to Jon departing from the show for its final season.

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