Now that Netflix has blessed us with a season 6 of Orange is the New Black we have had a chance to refresh up on where some of our favorite couples currently stand. Throughout the show, the characters’ love lives have drawn us in and kept audiences on their toes. OINTB perfectly captures the complex nature of relationships of all kind and has brought awareness to both straight and LGBTQ couples and the similarities and deep differences real-life couples face in both situations. Here is a list of some of Litchfield’s most adorable couples, cutest families, and most eligible singles.


1. Taylor Schilling

Taylor was last romantically linked to Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein after a series of appearances together and a visit to Portland during filming in 2015. In 2017, when being asked about her love life by a magazine, Schilling said she was working and single and didn’t have much else going on.

Taylor Schilling OITNB

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images


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