If you’re looking for a knot that has pedigree and class, the Windsor knot is a classic. It’s one of the world’s most popular methods of tying a tie. Though many people choose to use the half Windsor for its sleeker profile, the Windsor still has a classic and professional look. Some people refer to the Windsor knot as the full or double Windsor to differentiate it from the half Windsor knot. Though some people think it’s too difficult to tie, it’s straightforward and simple once you learn the steps.


1. Sizing Each End

Before beginning the knot, you’ll need to measure your tie and balance it correctly. Drape the tie over your neck with the wide end on your right. Pull the small end until it sits just above your belly button. This should mean that the wider end of the tie hangs a few inches below your waistband. The exact measurements will vary depending on your height and the length of the tie, so try different lengths. Additionally, left-handed individuals may want to reverse this and begin with the wide end over their left shoulder instead.

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