Gel manicures last for a long time and hold up really well. Unlike a classic, painted manicure, gel nails are resistant to chipping and most damage because the gel adheres to your nail. However, the strength of this semi-permanent gel means regular nail polish remover won't quite do the trick. If you want to spare yourself a trip to the nail salon, then you need to know how to remove gel polish easily at home.


1. Give yourself 30 minutes

First, you need to set aside at least half an hour to remove your gel polish properly. This process takes time considering how strong this polish is and how much it adheres to your nails. You're better off sitting in a well-ventilated area or opening up a window so that the intense smell of the acetone doesn't overwhelm you. If you're tempted to skip this process, just remember that taking a bit of time out of your day to remove this polish will save you money on professional removal services at nail salons.

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