Everybody loves receiving a gift that's beautifully wrapped. Attention to detail in the wrapping shows that the gift giver has taken the time and effort to make it as special as possible. It also makes the gift look incredibly tempting and intriguing. However, many people lack confidence when it comes to wrapping gifts, preferring to use an in-store wrapping service or even last-minute gift bags. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to make gifts look extra-special without spending too much money or having a degree in origami.

Use Double-Sided Tape

One secret that gift wrapping experts always swear by is to use double-sided sticky tape. There's nothing uglier than visible tape, especially if it's been allowed to gradually turn yellow in a drawer somewhere.

The main advantage of double-sided tape is that it can be hidden from sight under the edges of the paper. Many brands are also much stronger than standard tape, so all that careful wrapping is less likely to unravel.

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Select the Correct Paper Thickness

Gift wrapping can be made much easier by simply choosing the correct paper thickness. Ideally, use a medium-grade paper. Thin paper is too delicate and makes tearing at the corners more likely. Paper that's too thick has the tendency to look too bulky and sometimes springs back against the tape, causing the wrapping to unravel.

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Measure the Paper

Before cutting the paper, it's a good idea to measure how much is needed. This prevents waste and stops the gift from looking bulky due to too much wrapping material. One of the simplest ways to do this is to use a piece of string or ribbon wrapped around the gift and to cut the paper slightly wider than this to allow for overlap.

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Wrap Diagonally

To save on paper even more, or if the paper has been cut too small by accident, try turning the gift diagonally across it. It uses significantly less wrapping paper done this way. This also saves wastage from discarding incorrectly-sized paper to start all over again. The diagonal folds across the top of the gift also look extra-stylish.

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Candy-Wrap Round Gifts

It's always hard to wrap round or irregularly-shaped gifts such as a soccer ball. The solution is to use a wrapping that readily bunches such as tissue paper or cellophane to wrap the gift in the shape of a candy.

To achieve this look, wrap the paper around the gift, bunch at each end and tie securely with a coordinating ribbon. The finished product should look like an old-fashioned wrapped boiled sweet.

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Consider a Hamper

Instead of wrapping and giving several small items separately, present them as a bundle in a hamper or basket. This is a great tip that even the least skilled gift wrapper can employ and works especially well with toiletries or food gifts. Before filling the hamper, line it with some colored tissue paper or pretty fabric. Tie the hamper shut with a wide ribbon to make it look enticing.

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Add Luxurious Ribbon

Adding ribbon makes the gift look especially tempting and adds a touch of luxury. Use a coordinating or contrasting ribbon depending on the look you're trying to achieve. For smaller gifts, using thin curling ribbon stops the gift from looking too fussy. For larger gifts, wide silk ribbons balance the size of the item. Using ribbon with wired edges helps to create bows that stand up perkily instead of flopping down.

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Jazz Up a Gift Bag

If a gift has a very irregular shape, the easiest option is to use a gift bag. To make it look like care has been taken over the wrapping, fill up the rest of the bag on top of the item with scrunched or shredded tissue paper to maintain an element of surprise. Tie the bag shut with a beautiful ribbon to the recipient feels like they have something exciting to open.

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Wrap In a Silk Square

This method works best for medium-sized cube-shaped presents. Lay down a silk square or scarf and place the gift on it diagonally. Knot one pair of opposite corners together on top, then the other pair. The silk square doubles as an extra gift and can be used by the recipient as a beautiful scarf, saving on paper wastage.

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Add Embellishments

Adding embellishments to gifts makes them look extra-special. Attaching them with a hot glue gun ensures they won't fall off before the big day. Sprigs of dried greenery, decorative buttons, Christmas ornaments or plastic jewels are just a few examples of finishing touches that can be added to gifts depending on the occasion.

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