A scarf speaks a language that people of all languages and cultures understand. People typically wear scarfs around their necks, waists, or heads. Albeit, the reasons vary. For most, the scarf is a fashion statement showing off a personal style or trend. However, people also wear scarfs for religious reasons, to keep warm in cold temperatures, to cover hair loss, to stay clean, or to observe a cause or special occasion. Here are some ways that you can flaunt your personality by finding a signature way to tie your scarf.


1. French Twist

The classic way to tie a scarf around your neck is to use the French twist. This tying method is one of the most flexible styles that enhances both casual and dressy looks. However, you may want to decide whether you want to go big with a long scarf or keep it short. To begin your French twist, fold the scarf in half so that one end forms a loop. Then place the scarf around your neck. You can let it drape over your shoulders. Next, take the loose ends one at a time and pull them over and under the scarf loop. You can adjust the tightness of the scarf around your neck and the flair of the loose ends.


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