Humans are complex social creatures. We aren’t always open about our desires and interests, possibly because we fear rejection and the unknown. As a result, it can be hard to tell if a person we find attractive feels the same way. Body language is an essential part of human interaction, especially in communicating attraction. Normally, humans only notice body language signs subconsciously. However, with practice, anyone can read body language and tell if a person shares their feelings. It’s important to note that, depending on the context, certain signs can have different meanings.


1. Goals of Body Language

Generally speaking, there are five main signals that humans try to send to show attraction. Many body language experts believe that human body language originated from the earliest humans when nonverbal communication was more common than verbal communication. As a result, the five signals of attraction are simple. The first signal is that the person is open. The second is that they’re harmless. The third is that they’re interested. The fourth signal is that they’re approachable. The fifth and final signal is that they are fertile. While most of these signals make sense, fertility may not be an attribute that humans seek out in today's dating scene. However, it has been proven that most of us subconsciously develop feelings of attraction to those who exhibit signs of fertility.

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