If you work at home or in a coworking space, you may be wondering what the best way is to set up your workspace ergonomically. Ergonomic specialists take care of the details at large corporations, but it's not hard to put together your own checklist and even do a decent job when you set up at a coffee shop. Your back, wrists, shoulders, neck, and eyes will all thank you for giving them a break from the stress of awkward workspaces. You'll also find that you can stay focused and be more productive when your body is in proper alignment.


1. Desk Choice

The typical desk is about 30 inches high, but are you average sized? Make sure you have legroom when sitting and whether you are in a chair or standing, check that with your arms hanging straight down, you can bend to a right angle to write or type. In other words, pick a desk which comes up to your elbows. Standing or sit-to-stand desks can be great for those who have an active day or shouldn't sit for long periods of time.

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