Today’s interview process isn't the same one your parents went through. It isn’t uncommon to conduct interviews via video conferencing or to rely on the internet for finding job openings or to submit a resume. Even social media accounts and personal websites are powerful tools for job seekers as they indicate a job candidate’s understanding of personal branding. Although the method in which jobs are acquired has changed, the importance of expressing gratitude to the people conducting the interview hasn’t. Thank you notes don’t need to be handwritten to make an impact. They can be drafted on the computer and sent via email.



1. Get a Business Card from Each Person Conducting the Interview

Before leaving the room, ask that everyone provide you with their business card so you can keep in touch. Doing so allows you to address each person individually and by first and last name. For the sake of not being too casual, you’ll be able to type Mr. or Ms. and their surname as opposed to only their first name. The benefit of writing separate emails to each person you interviewed with is that if they were to leave the company and seek employees in their new position, your gesture of gratitude would stand out. It also shows professionalism because it appears as though you’ve taken time out of your day to draft a personal response to each person who sat through the interview with you. It’s a way to continue to make a good impression long after the interviewing process has concluded.

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