Videos are shared on Facebook daily in the millions. People enjoy sending them to their contacts through a mobile phone, online chat, and by posting them to share with others. But one thing that frustrates people is the inability to save the videos they see on Facebook.  

Open Facebook and locate the video you want to download.

The first step to download a video you want to keep is to locate the video you want to download. If you saved the video when you first saw it on Facebook, it will be in your saved videos. You can find videos sometimes also by doing a search for your name in the general Facebook search bar by typing your name. Facebook's search algorithms will find all content associated with your name and allow you to access it.



Right-click on the video and select "show video URL."

Doing this action will allow you to see the YouTube URL where the video resides. This will allow you to see the actual URL and web location where your video resides so you can download it. Once you go to the URL, you can use third-party software such as FLV Downloader to download the video or capture it with onscreen video capturing tools.


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Use an online downloader like savefrom.net.

If you prefer not to use a standalone software video capturer or downloader, you can go to savefrom.net instead. When you get to this page, you'll find a text box containing the Facebook video URL with a drop-down menu. Clicking on this menu will show you the option to download an mp4. This is the best quality for a video so you'll want to use this option if you do not have external software that captures in this format.


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Hit the download button to download.

Once you hit the download button, the video will begin downloading from your Facebook video collection to your hard drive. The default is to save it in your Downloads folder, so look for it there first. If you select for the file to be saved in another location, you can do this by choosing the subfolder that you want to save it to. Many people prefer to save a file to their desktop, but saving too many files on your desktop can add up to clutter over time. So take some time to organize when you can.


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Save mobile-friendly file types, too.

If you want to use any of your content for redistribution on the internet such as on a website or blog, you will want to save a mobile-friendly version of the file. The mp4 format is an acceptable mobile file type, but you may also want to convert it to smaller file sizes and image resolutions so that your content can be viewed by the most substantial number of mobile users possible. Remember also that you may want to share it on different channels so check to see which platforms require which types of files before saving.

Remember that you are only allowed to share and redistribute videos that you own the copyright to unless you have written permission of the copyright holder.


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Stop anti-virus or scan programs before downloading.

One important tip is that you should temporarily stop all virus scan or maintenance programs before downloading video content. Video downloads can take a lot of bandwidth. If you fail to prevent other programs from running, it may significantly slow down your download and can even alter or affect the quality of the download. This is a minor thing, but it will help you get your download completed much faster.


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How to Save Facebook Videos to Mobile Devices

If you want to save Facebook videos to a mobile device, follow these steps:

  • Open your Facebook account on your mobile device.
  • Search for the media you want to download to your mobile device.
  • Open the video and pause it and hit the "share" button.
  • Select the "copy" feature.
  • Use an application called "My Media" and use savefrom.net to download the video.
  • Choose download to download to your mobile device.
  • Choose a file name before saving to your device so that you can retrieve it.


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Be original.

When you are building your video collection, you need to think about what you can do to be original or different. Be an artist, rather than just an observer. Creating video is a fun and potentially lucrative activity that you can do with minimal equipment and technical expertise. Of course, the more you know about the process, the better. But the main thing is to create valuable video content and then download and save it and share it on your Facebook account.


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Organize your media once in awhile.

Media can get messy. It pays to take some time once in awhile to organize it for easy retrieval. This can be done on Facebook through your photo and video folders, as well as on your hard drive on your desktop and even mobile devices. The small amount of time you take to organize your media today may help you to keep things neat and orderly. So the next time you need to find it, it won't be so difficult to do!


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How to Download and Save a Video You Posted

If you wish to save a video that you created to the Facebook platform, you will just upload it by selecting the "video" option underneath your profile picture and upload it from there. Another way is to post the video on your timeline. This will automatically place the video in your "video" album that you can locate later. To download this video to your computer, simply find the video you want to download and select "edit." This will allow you to download it in HD or SD quality if you need a copy of it on your hard drive or another device.


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