Being underweight, like being overweight, can have negative health consequences. An underweight person can have problems with their immune system, they can struggle to maintain muscle mass, and they have a higher risk for problems with osteoporosis. Of course, many underweight people - like people who are overweight - are still in good health. People sometimes pursue weight gain for aesthetic reasons, or to reach specific physical or mental goals. The right approach to weight gain can ensure pounds are added healthily.


1. People Try to Gain Weight for Different Reasons

Serious weightlifters can cycle through periods of gaining weight in order to increase their strength, and add size to their muscles. These are typically short periods, with set goals in mind. Athletes will also try to add mass in order to improve their performance at their sport. It would be wrong to think of weight gain as simply an attempt to put on muscle. Pregnant women are sometimes encouraged to gain weight for their health. People recovering from eating disorders will also need to work to gain the weight back.

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