Changing your hair color is always an exciting time. It’s a fun and easy way to dramatically alter your appearance and give yourself a boost. And why pay for a trip to the salon when you can buy everything you need at the convenience store and dye your hair in the comfort of your own home? There’s just one problem. No matter how practiced and experienced you are, hair dye has the nasty habit of getting everywhere, especially on your skin. But help is at hand using products you will find around the house.


1. Prevention is the Best Solution

Preventing dye from getting on your skin in the first place will save you hassle in the long-run. Dye your hair on a day you haven’t washed your skin or hair. The body’s natural oils keep moisture on the surface of your skin, which should protect it from being stained. Before getting started, apply baby oil or petroleum jelly to your hairline, neck, and around your ears. These areas will now be greasy, and dye can be easily wiped off. Wear plastic gloves and try to cover as much skin as possible with old towels or shirts you don’t mind getting ruined. Even after taking precautions, hair dye may still get on your skin. But with some household items, your skin will not stay stained for long.

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