You nick yourself shaving and the next thing you know there’s blood on the collar of your shirt. You get a paper cut on your finger that drips blood onto your favorite skirt. A grazed knee leaves a blood stain on your kid’s pants. Chances are you will get blood on your clothing at some point. Run the mark under the faucet and the blood may come out. But what happens when it doesn’t? Luckily there are plenty of household items that can help you get blood out of your clothes.


1. Act Quickly

When you accidentally cut yourself, your first instinct is to brush yourself down and forget it ever happened. But if you get blood on your clothes, you have to act fast. Any delay will allow the blood to dry, and dried blood is notoriously difficult to get out of fabrics. Fresh stains are much easier to treat, so get to it as quickly as possible.

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